Computerized Tomographic Coronary Angiography (CTCA)

In partnership with Lake Imaging we are pleased to offer access to this rapidly emerging non-invasive imaging modality. This is the only CTCA service in Geelong where a cardiologist and radiologist co-report the test to provide the most reliable and clinically relevant information.

CTCA is a radiographic technique which has matured over the past decade. Initial studies provided quantification of the calcium in the coronary circulation (Calcium Scoring) which is now validated as an independent predictor of cardiac outcomes. Modern scanners have high spatial and temporal resolution and can accurately depict coronary artery anatomy and atherosclerotic disease.

This test is reimbursed by Medicare when requested by a cardiologist or consultant physician for the assessment of patients with stable symptoms consistent with ischaemic heart disease at low to intermediate risk that would otherwise be considered for invasive angiography, to exclude anomalous coronary anatomy, and to evaluate coronary anatomy in patients undergoing non coronary cardiac surgery.